Les sorties et les promotions de la semaine sur l’eShop Nintendo Switch

Je vous propose de faire le point avec vous des sorties de cette semaine sur l’eShop Nintendo Switch.

Les sorties de la semaine :

  • Nintendo eShop (Switch)
    Amnesia Collection
    Arcade Archives Track & Field
    Atomic Heist
    Battle Supremacy – Evolution
    Distraint: Deluxe Edition
    Newt One
    Rest in Pieces
    Star Wars Pinball
    Super Dodgeball Beats
    Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan
    The Sinking City
    The Tenth Line Special Edition
    Throne Quest Deluxe
    Yellow Fins
  • Précommandes Nintendo Switch
    Call of Cthulhu
    FIFA 20 Legacy Edition
    Galaxy Champions TV
    Island Maze
    Killer Queen Black
    Omen Exitio: Plague
    Street Outlaws: The List
    Zombieland: Double Tap-Road Trip

Démo de la semaine :

  • Contra: Rogue Corps
  • Mistover
  • Trials Rising
  • Yellow Fins

Les DLC de la semaine :

  • Trials Rising – Crash & Sunburn
  • The Sinking City – Worshippers of the Necronomicon
    The Sinking City – Chicago Organ Grinder
    The Sinking City – Investigator Pack
    The Sinking City – Experience Boost
  • Overcooked 2 – Carnival of Chaos
  • Pic-a-Pix Pieces: 15×15 Pieces Pack 9
    Pic-a-Pix Pieces: 20×20 Pieces Pack 9
  • Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Dodge Challenger Sheriff
    Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – BMW Z4 Rodster Red Camo
    Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Dodge Challenger Ignition
    Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Ottanta
    Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – BMW M4 Coupe Loyal 1
    Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe Paint Stroke
    Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Hazard Stickers Set
    Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Wing Stickers Set

Promotion de la semaine :

Game Title Saving Until
Goetia (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
NoReload Heroes (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Realpolitiks (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Startide (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Star Story: The Horizon Escape (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Teddy the Wanderer: Kayaking (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Glaive: Brick Breaker (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Fishing Universe Simulator (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Merchants of Kaidan (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Teddy The Wanderer: Mountain Hike (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Bedtime Blues (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Bad Dream: Coma (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Bad Dream: Fever (Forever Entertainment) -90% Wed 2nd Oct
Astro Duel Deluxe (Panic Button) -85% Thu 19th Sep
Tiny Hands Adventure (Forever Entertainment) -84% Wed 2nd Oct
Catch ‘Em! Goldfish Scooping (D3 Publisher) -80% Thu 26th Sep
Digerati Indie Bundle: INK & Hacky Zack (Digerati) -80% Wed 9th Oct
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition (Digerati) -80% Wed 9th Oct
Hacky Zack (Digerati) -80% Wed 9th Oct
Hard West (Forever Entertainment) -80% Wed 2nd Oct
Storm Boy (Blowfish Studios) -80% Thu 3rd Oct
JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword (Blowfish Studios) -80% Thu 3rd Oct
The Deer God (Blowfish Studios) -80% Thu 3rd Oct
Minesweeper Genius (Blowfish Studios) -80% Thu 3rd Oct
Qbik (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Diggerman (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Millie (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Phantaruk (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Sparkle ZERO (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Sparkle 3 Genesis (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
The Mahjong Huntress (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Zombillie (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Surfingers (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Risky Rescue (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
Grab Lab (Forever Entertainment) -79% Wed 2nd Oct
SpiritSphere DX (Fabraz) -75% Mon 16th Sep
Godly Corp (Ultimate Games) -75% Fri 20th Sep
The Coma: Recut (Digerati) -75% Wed 9th Oct
Paranautical Activity (Digerati) -75% Wed 9th Oct
Shut Eye (Forever Entertainment) -75% Wed 2nd Oct
Jettomero: Hero of the Universe (Ghost Time Games) -75% Thu 19th Sep
Mercury Race (Herrero) -75% Thu 26th Sep
Redneck Skeet Shooting (Ultimate Games) -75% Thu 26th Sep
Clock Simulator (Forever Entertainment) -74% Wed 2nd Oct
IHUGU (Forever Entertainment) -74% Wed 2nd Oct
Dungeons & Aliens (Forever Entertainment) -74% Wed 2nd Oct
Tumblestone (QuantumAstroGuild) -70% Wed 9th Oct
The Bridge (The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild) -70% Wed 9th Oct
BILLIARD (D3 Publisher) -70% Thu 26th Sep
Tennis (D3 Publisher) -70% Thu 26th Sep
Shikhondo: Soul Eater (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Spectrum (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Slain: Back From Hell (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Blacksea Odyssey (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Vertical Drop Heroes HD (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
1979 Revolution: Black Friday (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Frost (Digerati) -70% Wed 9th Oct
Nine Parchments (Frozenbyte) -70% Thu 26th Sep
Car Mechanic Manager (Ultimate Games) -70% Thu 26th Sep
Car Trader (Ultimate Games) -70% Thu 26th Sep
The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human (Digerati) -66% Wed 9th Oct
Uncanny Valley (Digerati) -66% Wed 9th Oct
Pipe Push Paradise (Digerati) -66% Wed 9th Oct
Omega Strike (Digerati) -66% Wed 9th Oct
INK (Digerati) -66% Wed 9th Oct
Nefarious (Digerati) -66% Wed 9th Oct
Tower Of Babel (EnjoyUp Games) -65% Wed 9th Oct
Final Light, The Prison (Enjoy Up Games) -65% Wed 9th Oct
Xenon Racer (Soedesco) -65% Wed 9th Oct
Submerged (Uppercut Games) -65% Sun 22nd Sep
Let’s Go Nuts (Devjuice) -65% Mon 14th Oct
THE Card: Poker, Texas hold ’em, Blackjack and Page One (D3 Publisher) -60% Thu 26th Sep
THE Number Puzzle (D3 Publisher) -60% Thu 26th Sep
Damsel (Screwtape Studios) -60% Mon 30th Sep
This War of Mine: Complete Edition (11 bit studios) -59% Mon 30th Sep
Alteric (Sometimes You) -50% Sun 29th Sep
Deep Ones (Sometimes You) -50% Sun 29th Sep
Kero Blaster (ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA) -50% Wed 25th Sep
Croixleur Sigma (ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA) -50% Wed 25th Sep
Warparty (Crazy Monkey) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Disease -Hidden Object- (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
ESCAPE TRICK: 35 Fateful Enigmas (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Pub Encounter (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Destiny’s Princess: A War Story, A Love Story (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
The Golf (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Enchanting Mahjong Match (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Knock ‘Em Down! Bowling (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
The Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes in Love (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Funghi Puzzle Funghi Explosion (D3 Publisher) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Black Paradox (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Glass Masquerade (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Monster Slayers (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Odallus: The Dark Call (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Oniken: Unstoppable Edition (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Super Blood Hockey (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Skelly Selest (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Verlet Swing (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Golem Gates (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Reverse Crawl (Digerati) -50% Wed 9th Oct
Thief Simulator (Forever Entertainment) -50% Wed 2nd Oct
Phantom Doctrine (Forever Entertainment) -50% Wed 2nd Oct
Timberman VS (Forever Entertainment) -50% Wed 2nd Oct
Fly O’Clock (Forever Entertainment) -50% Wed 2nd Oct
Heroes of the Monkey Tavern (Monkey Stories) -50% Tue 24th Sep
Vostok Inc. (Wired Productions) -50% Thu 26th Sep
Magic Nations (PrimeBit Games) -50% Fri 20th Sep
Inops (ZRZStudio) -50% Sun 13th Oct
Moonlighter (11 bit studios) -49% Mon 30th Sep
NO THING (Forever Entertainment) -49% Wed 2nd Oct
Hyperide (Forever Entertainment) -49% Wed 2nd Oct
Hyperide: Vector Raid (Forever Entertainment) -49% Wed 2nd Oct
Estiman (Forever Entertainment) -49% Wed 2nd Oct
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps And Beans (Trinity Team) -45% Mon 23rd Sep
Astebreed (ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA) -40% Wed 25th Sep
Gnomes Garden 2 (8Floor Games) -40% Sun 22nd Sep
Guns, Gore and Cannoli (Crazy Monkey) -40% Thu 26th Sep
Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition (Soedesco) -40% Wed 9th Oct
Beat Cop (11 bit studios) -40% Mon 30th Sep
GRIP (Wired Productions) -35% Thu 26th Sep
Drowning (Sometimes You) -35% Sun 29th Sep
Crashbots (Sometimes You) -35% Sun 29th Sep
Sigi – A Fart for Melusina (Sometimes You) -35% Sun 29th Sep
Fernz Gate (KEMCO) -35% Wed 25th Sep
Sephirothic Stories (KEMCO) -35% Wed 25th Sep
Dragon Pinball (SuperPowerUp Games) -34% Thu 10th Oct
Titans Pinball (SuperPowerUpGames) -34% Thu 10th Oct
Abyss (EnjoyUp Games) -34% Fri 11th Oct
99Moves (EnjoyUp Games) -34% Fri 11th Oct
Crypt of the Serpent King (Rendercode Games) -33% Mon 30th Sep
Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 (Crazy Monkey) -33% Thu 26th Sep
The Childs Sight (Forever Entertainment) -33% Wed 2nd Oct
Gunpowder on The Teeth: Arcade (Forever Entertainment) -33% Wed 2nd Oct
TERRORHYTHM (TRRT) (Forever Entertainment) -33% Wed 2nd Oct
Townsmen (HandyGames) -33% Wed 25th Sep
Blood Waves (Sometimes You) -30% Sun 29th Sep
Super Arcade Soccer (EnjoyUp Games) -30% Tue 8th Oct
Feather (Samurai Punk) -30% Tue 24th Sep
Screencheat: Unplugged (Samurai Punk) -30% Tue 24th Sep
Angels of Death (ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA) -30% Wed 25th Sep
Gakuen Club (D3 Publisher) -30% Thu 26th Sep
The Charming Empire (D3 Publisher) -30% Thu 26th Sep
Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations (Polygon Art) -30% Thu 19th Sep
Forklift – The Simulation (Polygon Art) -30% Thu 19th Sep
Jungle Z (Rising Win Tech.) -30% Tue 24th Sep
Spy Chameleon (Unfinished Pixel) -30% Thu 26th Sep
SpaceColorsRunner (Arach Games) -30% Sun 13th Oct
Metaloid: Origin (7 Raven Studios) -30% Mon 30th Sep
Catch a Duck (Ultimate Games) -30% Thu 26th Sep
Garage Mechanic Simulator (Ultimate Games) -30% Thu 26th Sep
Super Weekend Mode (Ratalaika Games) -25% Sun 22nd Sep
METAGAL (Ratalaika Games) -25% Sun 22nd Sep
Zeroptian Invasion (Ratalaika Games) -25% Sun 22nd Sep
Iron Snout (Ratalaika Games) -25% Sun 22nd Sep
Peasant Knight (Ratalaika Games) -25% Sun 22nd Sep
Grass Cutter – Mutated Lawns (Sometimes You) -25% Sun 29th Sep
OVIVO (Sometimes You) -25% Sun 29th Sep
Adrenaline Rush – Miami Drive (Cool Small Games) -25% Sun 13th Oct
Etherborn (Altered Matter) -20% Mon 30th Sep
Bargain Hunter (Silver Cow Studio) -20% Mon 23rd Sep
Color Zen Kids (Cypronia) -20% Wed 2nd Oct
Pixel Action Heroes (Cypronia) -20% Wed 2nd Oct
Nightshade/百花百狼 (D3 Publisher) -20% Thu 26th Sep
Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey (KEMCO) -20% Wed 25th Sep
Super Volley Blast (Unfinished Pixel) -20% Thu 26th Sep
Elemental Knights R (WINLIGHT) -10% Thu 26th Sep
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16 commentaires

  1. Man Uto

    C’est surtout la sortie de Blasphemous que je retiens cette semaine 🙂

  2. Il me faut les images pour me souvenir de ce que c’est en promo XDDD

  3. Tonysmb ...

    et bien voila, Hard West à -80%; j’ai bien fait d’attendre maintenant c’est le jeu qui va attendre, j’ai d’autres copains sur le feu.

    • Idem.
      J’aurais aussi aimé this war of mine mais je ne le vois pas à -80%

    • Man Uto

      Oui j’allais le dire.
      Une super promo pour ce titre.

  4. Juliuxx Potter

    Toujours pas de Ori en précommande 🙁

  5. Rabkitu

    Des sorties bien sympathique 🙂

  6. Rabkitu

    Je n’avais pas vu pour le dlc trial rising je n’ai pas eu la news sur ma switch ^^


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